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Attachment Bond

What is a Attachment Bond?

An Attachment Bond is a type of Court & Fiduciary bond that ensures that the party requesting a writ of attachment (a court order seizing another party’s property as security for a debt) pays any damages suffered by the other party if the attachment is later determined to be unjust.


Protects the party affected by the writ of attachment from financial loss if the attachment is found to be unjust. 

Why You Need It

Required by courts when a party requests a writ of attachment to ensure the financial interests of the affected party are protected. 

Required Infromation

Applicant’s personal information, credit history, bond amount (determined by the court), and case details. 

Bond Cost

Based on credit history and bond amount, usually 1-3% of the bond amount for applicants with good credit. 

Get A Attachment Bond 

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